It's Snowing Cotton Candy Glitter Topper Nail Polish

Glitter Lambs "It's Snowing Cotton Candy" Glitter Topper Nail Polish by | Custom Handmade Nail Lacquer For Nails | Pink Iridescent Mix
Glitter Lambs "It's Snowing Cotton Candy" 
Glitter Topper Nail Polish
This pretty pink glitter polish is called 'It's Snowing Cotton Candy" and is filled with gorgeous iridescent glitters and mini pink stars. This reminds of that iridescent cellophane paper. @lacqueredlori is wearing this polish in the above photo. This polish is very thick and suppose to be that way on purpose. It's has a fluffy kind of like snow texture due to the type of glitters that were used in this polish. 
This polish is available at this link below:
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