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Poodles In Paris Glitter Nail Polish

Poodles In Paris Glitter Topper Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs Custom handmade Nail lacquer Indie made in the USA Chunky Mix Unique one of kind amazing cool number 1 glitter topper nail polishes in the world
Glitter Lambs "Poodles In Paris"
Glitter Topper Nail Polish
This "Poodles In Paris" glitter topper nail polish is one super stunning polish and has so much sparkly holographic goodness going on. This bottle is filled with sweet little pink daisy flowers, black dots, pink dots and of course some gorgeous micro holographic silver glitters through out the entire bottle. You need to get this polish on our nails ASAP. You're gonna fall in love with this chunky jam packed glitter topper! Each polish is made one by one as the orders come in. They are not made up ahead of time or in batches. They are actually made one at a time to ensure the highest level of quality goes into each bottle. We can promise you one thing....You do not have to FISH for our glitters. They are PACKED!!!! Wearing this polish is @selinarockell
If you want this glitter topper nail polish then you get grab it at this link: Poodles In Paris Nail Polish
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