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Glitter Lambs PR Request Form List

UPDATE: PR Winners: Do Not Take A long Time To Get These Items Photographed. If you go too long, then you will be bumped off the list and replaced with someone else that will take this seriously. There is way too many talented people out there that would love this chance so DON'T BLOW IT! If you want to be a part of our PR list then you're going to have to be able to keep up with us. If you can't handle doing very many makeup looks in a short amount of time then you might rethink this or request to be removed from the list so you can be replaced. We expect photos to be done pretty quickly of our items. If this is something that takes you weeks to complete then you better let me know I can remove you and get someone else. I might make mention that we expect our PR package to come FIRST before you do any other random NON-PR makeup looks. If you do this then you will be removed from the list!

Okay...Okay...OKAY....So the time has FINALLY ARRIVED that we are OFFICIALLY taking PR Requests again. We literally have been swamped by so many emails and Dm's over this....and a lot of you have been told NO.... But we are now taking a list of names that actually want to be put on this list.



We have sent out PR before and nothing came of it. Please realize that this will not be tolerated this go round. If we send to you....then we expect you to deliver. People that take from us and don't deliver is like STEALING!!! People like that will be CALLED OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA

It costs us money to send stuff out.

We are a business with a family to this is not just giveaways.

This PR list is an avenue for us to promote our products. We fully expect for our products to be promoted.This is not just some donation to you...because we are trying to get rid of our hard earned money as a hand out!

We are a SUPER FRIENDLY BUSINESS.....but we are indeed a business. So don't mistake our kindness for a doormat. 

We are not some JOKE...that you think you can just ask for free stuff and then throw it on your shelf somewhere collecting dust. I mean SERIOUSLY... Why EVEN BOTHER?!

If you got Talent and creative art that you want to express....then by all means hit us up. We want to WORK WITH YOU! We are a loving company that does give people a chance, but we do not like being taken advantage of. 


1. You MUST BE DOWN with being able to work with anything we send you...specifically with glitter and face jewel stickers. If you are not sure what the face jewels are then please go take a look at them in our store and get familiar with them. We need our face jewel stickers promoted and if you can't work with these then please do not inquire. Because at this current moment we need this incorporated into your looks. Take a look at our face jewels in our shop at this link: FACE JEWEL STICKERS We also have other items in our store such as chokers, glitter eyeshadow, body glitter, loose highlighters, nail polish. If you can't work with whatever we send you from our store then do not apply.Your PR package can be anything from our store!

2. Please take photos that are clear and not blurry. We see some talented people but the pictures are just too blurry to post. Make sure your photos are crisp and clear and of course VIBRANT. We want people to be able to see our product on your face. So if we can't tell what our product is on your face, then how will other people be able to tell. A simple upgrade of your camera could very well land you a spot on our PR list... all due to the simple change.

3.Followers: We don't get to hung up on all that. We just want to see what your talent and creativity is made of... not your following. 

4. Can you work with Holographic Glitters? We realize that holographic glitter is reallyyyyyy hard to work with and to photograph, so we are looking for some people that can KILL IT in that HOLOGRAPHIC FIELD. If you can work some MAGIC with those HOLOGRAPHIC glitters then we most definitely want to work with you. If you specialize in taking videos with HOLOS then please let us know through email. WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! People that can work with HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER will be sought out first...I PROMISE! 

5. If you want to join the GLITTER LAMBS team then please send your email to or you can leave us a message below on this blog with contact information if you want. We will get back with you if you are chosen.We will let some time go by first before we contact anyone, so that we can give people a chance to put in for this. 

And PLEASEEEEEE DO NOT get your feelings hurt if we do not pick you right away. We can't send out to every person that asks us, so please do not think that we do not like your style or art. It's just not possible to take on every person that inquires. We would go out of business if we did that. We are looking for dedicated makeup lovers that want to be on board with GLITTER LAMBS and look forward to hearing from you guys!!! 

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Heydee Ferman - June 19, 2019

I’d really love to be apart of your team! I have read what you are looking for & I strongly believe that I am a good fit! I post daily sometimes even 2 times a day! I always make time for my makeup because I truly love it, I’m not the type to receive something gifted out it on once then never touch! I ALWAYS go back to them 💗 I hope that you take me into consideration, I’d love to work with you! You get right to the point & play no games! 🤩 you can check my makeup Instagram if you’d like to see my content @Glamheydee ,
Thank you for your time! Love Heydee ! 💗💗💗

Sienna Purse - June 19, 2019

Hi there! My name is Sienna (Instagram @slaybysienna) and I am a 24 year old makeup enthusiast living in North Carolina. I would love to be considered to become a part of your family. I enjoy doing fun and glittery looks and would love the opportunity to work with jewels! I am active in posting and truly believe in supporting other artists and smaller brands because I would much rather work with people that are kind hearted and passionate about what they do just like me. I truly hope you will consider me and thank you so much for taking the time and giving us smaller artists a chance.

Breglams - June 19, 2019

I would love to be apart of your PR team I am outgoing bright I love makeup I have a good makeup fan base. I will post daily about product

Marianne - June 19, 2019

Hi my name is Marianne pina. I am a influencer on Instagram @marianne_glam is the account I have almost 20k trying to hit in a few days and I love playing with glitter and jewels would love to be on the pr list. I had a few glitters from your website but my daughter got ahold of them lol.

Jessica Birt - June 19, 2019

I would love a chance to try out some of your stuff! I’m sorry to hear people took advantage of that. My Instagram is @blushbrushjess. I hope to get to work with you if not now then in the future. Good luck ladies!

Chloe Davies - June 19, 2019

I’d be hoping to do some theatrical skull makeup looks with the face jewels especially!

Instagram: @chloedaviesproductions
YouTube: Search ‘Chloe Davies Productions’

Jessica Wellington - June 19, 2019

Totally didn’t leave my social media handles!!
No Drama Makeup Mama on both IG and Youtube

Jessica Wellington - June 19, 2019

Hey there! I’m a former makeup artist that started my YouTube Channel in January- in 6 months I’ve become monetized, have over 2.1k followers and most importantly 20k watch hours and almost 100k views. My supporters are very invested and active on both YouTube and Instagram. I would love to help represent your brand and would do my absolute best to help you gain more exposure and clientele. Thank you for your time!

Cortney Thompson - June 18, 2019

Hey, I’m Cortney 👋🏼 I love doing makeup! I love colour and sparkle! Check me out on instagram
mrsthompson_xo_cortneylee_xo I do all sorts of reviews and post my makeup looks 😊

Megan - June 18, 2019

Hi! I sent you guys an email already but just in case you guys don’t get it I’m going to do this! I’m 19 and my name is Megan, I love your products and can’t wait to find out if I made it on the list!! My Instagram is @megtucc ! Even if I don’t make the list I can’t wait to buy more of your products! 💖

- megan

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