Reindeer Games Glitter Nail Polish — Glitter Lambs

Reindeer Games Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter Lambs "Reindeer Games" Glitter Topper Nail Polish by | Custom Handmade Nail Lacquer For Your Nails | Chunky Glitter mix Nail Polish
Reindeer Games
Glitter Topper Nail Polish
This happens to be one of my favorite glitter topper nail polishes that I created for Christmas time because this polish has so many different glitters in it. It has hearts, stars, squares, flowers, circles, dots, etc. It has a more pinky look to it overall but it does have lots of colors like blue, red, green, purple, and lots of different holographic glitters. It's just a really wild glitter nail polish and I know you will adore this. If you want to make this look really neat on your nails just take a toothpick and pick out the glitters and hand place on to the nail and arrange them the way you want. Wearing this glitter: @selinarockell
This polish is available in the shop at this link:
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