Glitter Lambs Nail Polish

Unique, one of a kind, handcrafted glitter topper nail polishes. Our glitter toppers are a clear base filled with glitter. Just apply 1-2 coats of our glitter topper nail polish over another base color. These polishes are not full coverage glitter polishes. Handmade by Glitter Lambs in the U.S.A. Our polishes are not mass produced. These are made by hand, one by one, as the orders come in. We do not mix polishes up ahead time and they are not made in batches. They are actually made one at a time to ensure the highest level of quality. OUT OF THIS WORLD.....custom glitter mixes for your nails! **They are glitter toppers and meant to be applied over another color.**  SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!! And YES....they are Cruelty Free. We do NOT test on animals. Ships in 1 Day.