Alien | Loose Green Glitter Eyeshadow (.002)

by Glitter Lambs
 Glitter Lambs "Alien"
Green Holographic Glitter Eyeshadow 

Glitter Lambs "Alien" is a lime green holographic glitter eyeshadow in a .002 size. Jar is 15 mL.  This is an extremely small tiny cut glitter. You will only see the rainbow prism shift in this glitter in natural/outdoor sunlight. Indoors this glitter will look mostly lime green with a very small amount of rainbow prism shift. **THIS IS A .002 GLITTER! Smaller glitters WILL NOT show the rainbow prism effect near as strong. If your looking for a heavy stronger rainbow prism shift then you will need to go with a larger size of glitter*****Under a lamp light you will see no holo.

Wearing this glitter: @raphaelamua 

Our .002 glitter is almost like a powder but still a glitter. Some have a rainbow prism holographic shift that will explode with a super amazing twinkle in the natural sunlight outdoors. If it is overcast the glitter twinkle will not show! It will look like a plain glitter! Under a lamp light this glitter will not show the rainbow holographic prism shift.