Alien | Loose Green Glitter Eyeshadow (.002)

by Glitter Lambs
 Glitter Lambs "Alien" Glitter Eyeshadow Pot
Holographic Cosmetic Glitter 

Our Alien cosmetic glitter is a lime green holographic rainbow prism cosmetic glitter in a .002 size. Jar is 15 mL.  This is an extremely small tiny cut glitter. You will only see the rainbow prism shift in this glitter in natural/outdoor sunlight. Indoors this glitter will look mostly lime green with a very small amount of rainbow prism shift. **THIS IS A .002 GLITTER! Smaller glitters WILL NOT show the rainbow prism effect near as strong. If your looking for a heavy stronger rainbow prism shift then you will need to go with a larger size of glitter*****Under a lamp light you will see no holo.

Picture shows @raphaelamua wearing Glitter Lambs "Alien" and Glitter Lambs "Celebrity" on her eyes.

Our .002 glitter is almost like a powder but still a glitter. Some have a rainbow prism holographic shift that will explode with a super amazing twinkle in the natural sunlight outdoors. If it is overcast the glitter twinkle will not show! It will look like a plain glitter! Under a lamp light this glitter will not show the rainbow holographic prism shift.


You are looking at a .002 glitter! This is an extremely small cut glitter size. The flash on my camera is picking up the rainbow prism colors stronger than what they will actually appear indoors. If you go outside in natural sunlight then prepare for a major gorgeous twinkling! The smaller the glitter size the smaller the twinkle. If it is overcast outside then this glitter will look just like a plain color only!!!* 

Performance of glitter will vary depending on the lighting where your at. Optimal reflects will be in full sun or regular indoor lighting. 

Jar is 15 mL.