Ice Cream Truck | Pink Holographic Glitter Eyeshadow (.004)

by Glitter Lambs

Glitter Lambs "Ice Cream Truck" Glitter Eyeshadow Pot

Cosmetic Glitter


Glitter Lambs "Ice Cream Truck" is a rich pink holographic rainbow prism micro fine cosmetic glitter eyeshadow (.004). Jar is 15 mL. To apply to skin use a glitter glue adhesive (not included)

Glitter Lambs Micro Fine Body Glitter .004 is perfect for any glitter addict out there! Can be used as body glitter or hair glitter too!

Our micro fine glitter are put into a small plastic jar container that comes with a twist off lid for easy storage.

 Performance of glitter will vary depending on the lighting where your at. Optimal reflects will be in full sun or regular indoor lighting. 

Jar is 15 mL.

 Ice Cream Truck Loose Glitter is worn by @kayleen_beauty