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Well if you landed on this page then that means you were pretty interested in reading about who we are and what we do. I'll just go right ahead and jump straight into it.


www.GlitterLambs.com Jamie And Neal Glitter Lambs Nail Art Glitter Store-About UsMy name is Jamie and I am pretty much responsible for running this site "Glitter Lambs". My hubby Neal helps me with the shipping and packaging (who I totally appreciate and love so dearly lol) and I am the one who comes up with all the crazy cool glitter mixes. I love mixing glitter and seeing what cool combinations I can come up with and then the best part of it all is coming up with a really neat name to name the glitter. 


I started Glitter Lambs back in May 2012 and I have been adding things here and there over time. Glitter Lambs started out as a beauty/review site. I would review makeup palettes or I would do little DIY ideas. It was just random. Then in 2013 I launched Glitter Lambs nail polishes which are basically glitter topper nail polishes. I like the glitter toppers because you can literally come up with a million different ways to mix glitter together. I became obsessed with mixing different glitters and coming up with names for them. I thought MAN this is so much fun! So I started selling my nail polishes on Etsy. Now keep in mind I started working online back in 2010 and worked on different websites that I had started. From wedding sites, birthday sites and children's resource sites. We have a lot of irons in the fire but I always find myself coming back to the glitter. I guess you can say that it's my favorite....If it's glitter related then I love it! haha So I thought why don't I focus more on glitter mixes which is what I REALLY REALLY enjoy doing. So I did...

www.GlitterLambs.com Glitter Lambs Work Room-Glitter Room-Craft Room

Which brings me to the nail art glitter. If you like creating manicures that are laced with some cool glitter shapes and some holographic bling then I can hook you up! lol This site is filled with the most amazing glitter mixes that are sure to get your nails the attention they deserve. And it's super simple to do. Just paint your nail and while it's still tacky just hand place the glitter on to the nail. Then just seal it in with a clear top coat. It's that easy. If you like glitter then your going to love our nail art glitters that we have available in the store. Want some. Well hop over there and check them out! lol 

Hope you find something you like and if you do your nails in our glitter then please show us on Instagram and use the hashtag #glitterlambs  We would LOVEEEE to see it!

Oh and if you have a question for us then just email me.

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