A Fairy Baked Me Blue Cupcakes | Body & Hair Glitter (.015)

by Glitter Lambs
Glitter Lambs "A Fairy Baked Me Blue Cupcakes"
Blue Holographic Makeup Body Glitter Pot
 Face Glitter. Hair Glitter

Glitter Lambs "A Fairy Baked Me Blue Cupcakes" is a blue holographic .015 body glitter.

Glitter Lambs Holographic Body Makeup Glitter is perfect for any glitter addict out there! Our holo glitters look amazing used as body glitter, hair glitter or nail art glitter. Our holo glitter mixes are hand mixed by us and put into a small plastic jar container that comes with a twist off lid for easy storage. 

Glitter Lambs face, skin & hair glitter pots are great for theatrical makeup, cosplay, party entertainers, Halloween costumes, Christmas dress up parties, etc.

Use our chunky glitter mixes in your hair to rock some really AMAZING GLITTER ROOTS!

Some people sprinkle our glitter in a bowl and combine it with regular hair gel and then apply it to their hair to get the glitter roots look that they want.  

Some people like to use Vaseline or eyelash glue to apply our glitters to their skin.

All of our jars are 15 mL.

Some of our glitters are not recommend for use on eyelid due to size of glitters.