Fine Glitter Collection of 35 (Mystery Box) Size is .015

Fine Glitter Collection Of 35 Mystery Box (.015)

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This is a MYSTERY BOX for 35 bags of FINE GLITTER in a size (.015). 5 GRAM BAGS!!! HUGE SALE GOING ON FOR THESE!!!! I will list all of these glitters individually later on, but this is just for fun for now for those that like Mystery Boxes. Great for crafts, nails, resin, snow globe tumbler cups, diy projects, etc. JUST FIY none of these are holographic.

What You Get:

  1. Chrome

  2. Really Rich

  3. Sandy Hot Beach

  4. 24K Butterscotch

  5.  Little Red Riding Hood

  6. Tea Time

  7. Penny Bank

  8. Coffee Break

  9. Vampire Den

  10. Lime Salt

  11. Chocolate Factory

  12. Leprechaun

  13. Pickle Juice

  14. Lemongrass

  15. Spinach

  16. Medusa

  17. Malibu

  18. Polar Bear

  19. Frostbite

  20. Avatar

  21. Creek Water

  22. Raindrop

  23. Scuba Diving

  24. Stock Broker

  25. Mermaid Lagoon

  26. Royal

  27. Jelly

  28. Dark Spell

  29. Purple People Eater

  30. Dance Of The Nymphs

  31. Demigod

  32. Bunny Hugs

  33. Fairy Cottage

  34. Pink Panther

  35. Twilight Zone

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Kaylen Street
    Best glitter!

    I love the different colors of glitter, there’s colors that I can’t find at the craft stores.

    Nicholette W.
    Awesome collection!

    Really love all of the different colors in this collection. Super deal too!!

    Tiffy Lynette
    Best way to try out new glitter!!

    I'm using em in resin keychains, my first time making keychains so I didn't want to soend a whole lot of money on glitter because I didnt know exactly what I wanted. These were brilliant and im making another order right now!