Glitter Lambs "Grape Soda" Body, Face, Hair Glitter. Purple Silver Holographic Glitter Roots
Glitter Lambs "Grape Soda" Nail Art Glitter Purple Glitter
Glitter Lambs "Grape Soda" Makeup Cosmetic Glitter Body Glitter Nail Glitter Face Glitter Hair Glitter Roots Purple Holo Silver
Grape Soda (.008)

Grape Soda (.008)

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Glitter Lambs "Grape Soda" Nail Glitter Pot


Glitter Lambs "Grape Soda" nail glitter is a solid purple ultra fine .008 glitter with silver holographic sprinkled throughout. Jar is 15 mL.

Our glitters are put into a small plastic jar container that comes with a twist off lid for easy storage.

Jar is 15 mL.

Glitter on nail worn by:



***Watch this video link on our Instagram page to see what this glitter looks like****




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