Sweet Tooth | Pink Body & Hair Glitter

by Glitter Lambs
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Glitter Lambs "Sweet Tooth"
Body, Face, Hair Glitter Pot

 Glitter Lambs "Sweet Tooth" is a chunky body glitter mix with white bows, blue donut circles, pink flowers, neon pink hearts, light blue hearts, blue holographic moons, white squares, light pink stars, white hearts, yellow shreds, iridescent micro glitter, purple holographic dots, white dots, and sooooo many more tiny glitters that are too many to name. It's LOADED! Jar is 15 mL.

This glitter mix is pretty cool and would look amazing with any cosplay look. LIMITED EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glitter Lambs Face, Skin & Hair Body Glitter is perfect for any glitter addict out there! Great for festivals! Our chunky glitters look amazing used as body glitter, face glitter or hair glitter Our glitter mixes are hand mixed by us and put into a small plastic jar container that comes with a twist off lid for easy storage. Use our glitter mixes in your hair to rock some really AMAZING GLITTER ROOTS. To use in your hair just use hair gel on your hair and then press the glitters into the gel on your hair.

Those wearing Sweet Tooth glitter in the pics:



Jars are 15 mL.

Apply it to your body using a skin safe glitter adhesive glue. (not included)
Some people like to use Vaseline, eyelash glue or spirit gum to apply our loose glitters on their body. (not included)

Just smear some Vaseline on the body and the dab the glitters on top. Vaseline works great and the glitter stays put all day!

Stand out and make a statement with our body glitters!