The Ultimate Birthday Cake

by Glitter Lambs
Glitter Lambs "The Ultimate Birthday Cake" Nail Art Glitter

Glitter Lambs "The Ultimate Birthday Cake" nail art glitter mix is crazy jam packed with so many glitters!!!!

This is SUPER LOADED with so many different glitters that I can't even begin to name them all because we have so many different mixes that went into making this.
But here is a small short list to get you started. lol
White stars
Lavender Stars
Lavender Daisies
Micro puple holographic hex
Black tiny dots
Mini yellow stars
White dots
Yellow hex from medium to micro,
Micro white hex,
Light pink micro hex
Micro blue hex
Tiny hot pink hex
Dark Pink Circle Dots
Dark Magenta Circle Dots
Purple Dots
Lots of Pink hex .40
White Leopard Glitters
Pink Leopard Glitters
Black leopard glitters
Pink Hex Square
Turquoise Holographic Shreds
White Circles
White Hex .008
Holographic Rainbow Hex Mix
White Stars
White Squares
Rainbow Iridescent hex .008
Gold Hearts
Arctic Blue Dots
Pink Hex .008
Pink Mini Stars
Pink Stars Normal Size
Gold Stars
White Donut Glitters
Neon Glitter Mix in different sizes
Violet Holographic Dots
Pink and White Glitter Mix in different shapes and sizes
Gold and Silver Hex Mix in different sizes and shapes
Glitter Lambs Chunky Nail Art Glitter is perfect for the glitter addict that likes to create glittery manicures. Our chunky glitter mixes are hand mixed by us and put into a small plastic jar container that comes with a twist off lid for easy storage.

To play with our nail glitters all you have to do is paint your nail in a clear coat or a colored nail polish color then while it's still wet hand place the glitters onto the nail. Once your done placing the glitter on the first nail add a clear coat to seal it in. Then move on to the second nail and do the same thing. You can do all of your nails like this or you can just do one nail as an accent nail.
These glitters are sold by VOLUME. You will receive approximately 1/2 ounce (1 Tablespoon) per jar. If measured by weight it comes out to approx 9 grams per jar for our fine glitters and approx 7.5 grams for our larger glitters and glitter shapes.

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Watch this short video clip of what our glitter mix "The Ultimate Birthday Cake" looks like.
Watch @Rikkis_Nails_ Youtube video below to see how she applied The Ultimate Birthday Cake nail art glitter to her nails. Make sure you subscribe to her channel!!!