Unicorns Love Milkshakes

by Glitter Lambs

Unicorn Nail Art Glitter-Loose Glitter-Craft Glitter-Unicorns Love Milkshakes Nail Art Glitter-Unicorn Glitter-Unicorns Love Milkshakes Raw Glitter Mix by Glitter Lambs. DIY Glitter.

Our Unicorns Love Milkshakes glitter mix has white opal colored hex glitters with scattered tiny pink and blue hex glitters.

These glitters are sold by VOLUME. You will receive approximately 1/2 ounce (1 Tablespoon) per jar. If measured by weight it comes out to approx 9 grams per jar for our fine giltters and approx 7.5 grams for our larger glitters and glitter shapes.

This glitter mix is PERFECT for doing nail art with!!!!!


To Use On Nails:
Paint nails and then while it's still tacky hand place the glitters on to the nail.

Seal it off with a good clear top coat.


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