Mystery Box "Wizard Potions" Bead Collection of 25

Mystery Box "Wizard Potions" Bead Collection of 25

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Mystery Box "Wizard Potions" Bead Collection of 25. Bead sizes are 0.6-0.8mm. Very very tiny beads. Comes in a 10 gram bag not a jar.  Great for arts and crafts. See how big a 10 gram bag is at this link: CLICK HERE Please conduct your own testing before using in final project. If you LOVE MYSTERY BOXES then this is the one for you!!!

  1. A Tail Of A Rat
  2. Armadillo Bile
  3. Root Of A Mandrake
  4. Eye Of A Newt
  5. Tears Of A Sprite
  6. Wing Of A Bat
  7. Eye Of A Cyclops
  8. Scales Of A Dragon
  9. Sneeze Of An Ogre
  10. Fur Of A Werewolf
  11. Eye Of A Peacock Feather
  12. One Crushed Goblin Bone
  13. Blood Of A Viper
  14. Feather Of A Crow
  15. Web Of A Spider
  16. A Dusting Of Ground Fairy Wings
  17. A Touch Of Pixie Dust Extract
  18. A Sprinkle Of Unicorn Hair
  19. A Pinch Of A Mermaid Tail
  20. Lock Of Hair From An Evil Siren
  21. A Whisker Of A Cat
  22. A Splash Of Butterfly Dust
  23. Claw Of A Fire Breathing Dragon
  24. Tooth Of A Troll
  25. Breath Of A Gnome

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