Zombie Pac Man | Halloween Hair & Body Glitter

by Glitter Lambs
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Glitter Lambs "Zombie Pac-Man"
Halloween Body & Hair Glitter
15 mL Jar
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Glitter Lambs "Zombie Pac-Man" has yellow Pac-Man glitter, blue ghost, yellow ghost, green ghost, pink ghost, orange ghost, black hollow hex, yellow shreds, murky green hollow stars, murky green hollow hex, black dots, and black mini stars. Jar is 15 mL. Glitter Lambs Chunky Body Glitter is perfect for any glitter addict out there! 
Pac-Man artwork done by the amazing Rob Sacchetto on ZombiePortriats.com Check out his site! Really amazing stuff!
Our chunky glitter mixes are hand mixed by us and put into a small plastic jar container that comes with a twist off lid for easy storage. 
For Glitter Hair: Just mix our glitter with some hair gel (not included) and apply to your hair. 
To Apply To Body: Use Vaseline, Aloe Vera Gel, or Glitter Glue Adhesive. (not included)
To Apply To Nails: Some of the glitters in this jar will not work for the nail. They are too big and will not lay flat.
Not suggested for use on the eyelid area due to the large glitter sizes. Rock these unique glitter mixes on your body for festivals, raves, parties! Make a statement and stand out from the rest with our CRAZY awesome body glitter mixes! YOUR GONNA LOVE IT!
Glitter worn in lip art is by @golden_hair_doll

⚠️🕹📺"Zombie Pac-Man" Halloween Glitter....Available in the store at GlitterLambs.com⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺FYI: This glitter actually has PAC-Man shaped glitters and the little ghosts that he chases ⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺⚠️🕹📺 #pacman #zombiepacman #zombie #zombieglitter #zombiemakeup #zombieglitters #pacmanglitter #pacmanglitters #halloweenglitter #halloween #halloweenglitters #halloweenlooks #halloweenzombie #zombies #walkingdead #halloween2019 #glitterlambs #glitteraddict #nailglitter #nails #bodyglitter #makeup #glittercollection #swatches

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