Makeup Glitter Arm Swatch of King Kandy from "Candy Land"

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This took me about 7 hours to complete this King Kandy from Candy Land glitter arm swatch. Pretty proud of this. My poor fingers were hurting so bad after I finished this one but it was so worth it. Been wanting to give this a shot for a really long time now. So glad I did. Hoping I will be able to get more of these done sometime!!! 

🍭🍬Arm Swatch of some of the glitters from the Candy Land Glitter Collection. 🍬🍭
Glitters Used:
🍭King Kandy
❄️Queen Frostine
🍬Candy Land Board Game
❣️Lord Licorice
🍬Mr. Mint

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Other product eyeshadow colors used in this :
Andy Candy Makeup in "Pinky Pie" neon pink eyeshadow, and colors from the Cupcake Cat Eyeshadow Palette in "Eggs" yellow eyeshadow, "Flour" white eyeshadow, and "Blueberry" blue eyeshadow. And “from the Sweet Tooth Palette- “Cinna-buns, “Popsicle” and “Cookies” eyeshadow.

Kat Von D in Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette in "Velour" blue eyeshadow, "Linen" white eyeshadow.

And Maybelline New York Define A Line black eyeliner in “Ebony black”. Also used a charcoal pencil to stench the King Kandy cartoon image on first and then went over it with the maybelline eye liner.
Let me know what you think of this in the comments below!
What cartoon character should I try next time?
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