What is Cosmetic Grade Glitter?

Cosmetic Glitter is an industry wide term that references industry wide standards for glitters used in cosmetics.  The FDA does not approve, or prohibit, the use of glitters in cosmetics, but rather only governs the types of color additives used in the production of these glitters.  “Cosmetic” glitter is NOT craft glitter and will have smoother edges and is generally accepted as being .008” in size or smaller and some level of solvent resistant. Glitters are used in cosmetics of all kinds and by most cosmetic companies regardless of the lack of FDA approval.

Are cosmetic glitters safe to use?

First the more legal answer.  Cosmetic glitters have NOT been found to be un-safe to use by the FDA.  However, they still lack their blessing as to being safe.  While the USFDA has not ruled on this topic, there are many glitters that ARE approved in the EU.  Since we operate out of the U.S. we have much less knowledge of the EU and other foreign regulators so please consult the local laws and regulations where you live to acquire guidance for this question.

Now the not so legal answer.  We would NEVER sell any item that we would not personally feel safe using.  Guess what….we use our products too!!!  So if it is in our store then we would put it on our own bodies, nails, hair, etc.  With that being said please use some level of caution when applying glitters to your body.  First and foremost our glitters are NOT eye safe.  What does that mean?  It means that if you get them in your eye it could cause damage to the eye, including the cornea, that could cause permanent damage to your vision.  Of course this is true for about anything that you could get in your eyes so if you do decide to use it in a way that it is not recommended make sure that you don’t actually get it in your eye.  For information purposes many consider a .004” size and smaller eye safe, but we do not endorse any as such.  Secondly, don’t eat it!  Yeah, we have to say it ‘cause there is always someone out there that might do it.  We know how tasty they look, but please refrain from ingesting them in any fashion.  A little common sense goes a long way so if it doesn’t seem like a good idea then it might not be.  Third, if you experience irritation from using them then we recommend immediately discontinuing use.  Some parts of the body may be more sensitive than others so keep that in mind too.  Fourth, have fun with it.  Glitter would not exist if you couldn’t have fun with it.   It makes everything more beautiful and exciting!!!

Are your glitters safe for children?

We market our glitters to adults ages 18 and over.  If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child and would like them to have our glitters than that is for you to decide at your own discretion.