What Size Of Glitter Do I Need To Buy?

What Size Of Glitter Do I Need To Buy? GlitterLambs.com
What Size Of Glitter Do I Need To Buy?
We offer different glitter sizes in our store to meet your needs and we have made it easy to find what you are looking for by putting the size of the glitter in the title. The higher the number, the bigger the glitter. The smaller the number, the smaller the glitter. 
Here is the order of our glitter sizes from LARGE to SMALL
Chunky (a mix of Large, Medium and Small Glitters)
.015 (Large Glitter)
.008 (Medium Glitter)
.004 (Small Glitter)
.002 (VERY TINY Glitter)
This picture below shows you just what the size of the glitter looks like. As you can see from the photo the .015 glitter size is going to show off the most sparkle and the .002 is almost like a dust and will show very little sparkle.
What Size Of Glitter Do I Need To Buy? GlitterLambs.com
The size of glitter you need to buy will depend on what you are doing with it.  Our most popular for glitter hair would be our chunky glitter section. If you want blingy then we suggest the .015 and if you want glitter for your eyes then we suggest the .002 .004 and .008 glitter sizes. Our .002 is almost like a powder and will have LESS holographic shift because it's sooooooo TINY!!!! So if you want more bling then just go with a bigger size of glitter. For nails we suggest the .015 however you can use any size depending how sparkly you want your glitter to be. 
Hope this helps clear up what the numbers mean.
Tips for photographing our glitters!
Our chunky glitter will photograph well indoors or outdoors in regular lighting pretty good. Some or our tiny glitters ONLY like the bright sunlight to show their true colors. Most glitters will lose their holo effect if you try to photograph under a lamp light. Using a flash on your camera will allow you to catch that holographic effect on some of our glitters. Our .002 and .004 are some of our hardest glitters to photograph. We recommend FULL PURE SUN to catch that pretty glittery effect or a flash on the camera. Glitters are beautiful but sometimes it can be difficult to capture their beauty.