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Welcome to Glitter Lambs! I am not a giant company... I am a small owned business and appreciate every single order that I get. Your support for Glitter Lambs (ME) helps pay the bills and put food on the table. :) I ship out of a small town located in Arkansas and appreciate every single order I get. Your support is what keeps me in business. Glitter & clay sprinkles for arts & crafts. Not edible. SUPER FAST SHIPPING! I ship within 1 Business day, sometimes SAME DAY! Fast FREE Shipping on US orders over $35, Canada $50 and International $60. Orders placed on a Saturday won't ship until Monday because the post office is closed on Sunday.

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How Big Are Your Bags & Jars?

If you are unsure of how big 5 gram bags, 10 gram bags, 12 gram bags, and 15mL jars are then please read this section to help you figure out what size you need for your project. Thanks!! :)

Hidden Secret Collection

15mL Jars

My 15mL jars are only available in the HIDDEN SECRET Collection. The password to access this collection can be found on my private Facebook group page. This is a special private group for fans & supporters. This section offers exclusive limited edition mixes! Followers will also gain early access to new releases and can participate in the trivia game night that happens every Thursday at 7pm CST for a chance to win a $25 gift card!