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Ghost Hunters Glitter Collection by

Ghost Hunters Glitter Collection

 Just NEWLY Launched in our store is the "GHOST HUNTERS" glitter collection by This is a collection of 4: Ghost Dimension, Paranormal Activity, Ghost Girl, Paranormal Dimension.   Shop this collection now! GHOST HUNTERS GLITTER COLLECTION Ghost Dimension Glitter-Buy...

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Little Miss Muffet Glitter by | Black Spiders and Colorful Dots

Little Miss Muffet Glitter

Little Miss Muffet Glitter    This Little Miss Muffet glitter has HUGE black spiders and colorful dots. This glitter mix will work great with arts and crafts, diy projects, resin, tumbler cups, acrylic pouring, etc. The spiders are too...

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Birthday Cake Glitter by

Birthday Cake Glitter

Birthday Cake Glitter    This neon dot and white dot glitter mix is called "Birthday Cake" and is by Glitter Lambs. This will work great for nails, resin, arts, crafts, acrylic pouring, tumbler cups, etc.     Shop and...

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Banana Cream Pie Glitter by

Banana Cream Pie Glitter

Banana Cream Pie Glitter     Glitter Lambs "Banana Cream Pie" glitter is great for arts and crafts, nails, resin, acrylic pouring, tumbler cups, DIY projects and so much more. This white and yellow mix has pale yellow stars,...

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Garage Sale Glitter by For Crafts, Nails, Resin, etc. Chunky Loose Glitter Mixes for DIY projects!

Garage Sale Glitter | For Crafts, Nails, Resin

 Garage Sale Glitter by This glitter is great crafts, nails, resin, etc. This jar is filled with so many different glitter shapes from stars, moons, hearts, rings, dots, squares, and so much more! Shop all of our glitter in...

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