The Naughty Reindeer Christmas Glitter Collection Of 16 by

The Naughty Reindeer Glitter Collection Of 16

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The Naughty Reindeer Collection of 16!!! These are not Santa's reindeer. These are distant mischievous reindeer that like to stir up trouble at the North Pole. These Christmas glitters are a holographic hex mix. Comes in 5 gram bags, not a jar. Great for arts and crafts, nail art, etc. See how big a 5 gram bag is a this link: click here
What You Get: 
  1. The Reindeer Crammed Glitter In Santa's VCR
  2. The Reindeer Hid The Naughty List 
  3. The Reindeer Stuck Bubblegum To Santa's Headphones 
  4. The Reindeer Knocked Over Frosty 
  5. The Reindeer Gave All The Elves Wedgies 
  6. The Reindeer Shaved Santa's Beard In His Sleep
  7. The Reindeer Poured Hot Cocoa In The Stockings 
  8. The Reindeer Keyed Santa's Sleigh 
  9. The Reindeer Ran Up Santa's Phone Bill With Prank Calls 
  10. The Reindeer Ate The Mistletoe 
  11. The Reindeer Stole The X-Mas Tree Star
  12. The Reindeer Threw Snowballs At Mrs. Claus 
  13. The Reindeer Tinseled Santa's House 
  14. The Reindeer Stuck Their Hooves In The Pumpkin Pie 
  15. The Reindeer Sprinkled Coal In The Toy Shop 
  16. The Reindeer Threw Sugar Plums At Elves 

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