Billionaire Status | Silver Holographic Body & Hair Glitter (.015)

by Glitter Lambs
Glitter Lambs "Billionaire Status" 
Body & Hair Glitter
Jar is 15 ml

Glitter Lambs "Billionaire Status" is a beautiful .015 silver holographic chunky body glitter. AND IT"S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you love BLINGY HOLO then you must try this!!! Jar is 15 mL.

 Glitter Lambs Chunky Body Glitter is perfect for any glitter addict out there!
Our chunky glitter mixes are hand mixed by us and put into a small plastic jar container that comes with a twist off lid for easy storage. 

For Glitter Hair: Just mix our glitter with some hair gel (not included) and apply to your hair.

To Apply To Body: Use Vaseline, Aloe Vera Gel, or Glitter Glue Adhesive. (not included) 

To Apply To Nails: Paint your nails and then while it's still wet just sprinkle the glitter on top.

Not suggested for use on the eyelid area due to the large glitter sizes. Rock these unique glitter mixes on your body for festivals, raves, parties! Make a statement and stand out from the rest with our CRAZY awesome body glitter mixes! YOUR GONNA LOVE IT!
Watch this video to see what this glitter looks like applied over skin with Vaseline (not included). Do not mix the glitter in Vaseline or you will lose the holographic effect! You must smear Vaseline on your body first and the sprinkle the glitter on top and shake off excess glitter. Pat down with finger. Now you're ready to rock that glitter on your body all night!

Jar is 15 mL.
Glitter worn on face:

Glitter worn on nail by:







Watch @elizabethknails short video tutorial on how she applied "Billionaire Status" nail art glitter to her nail. 

***Watch this video link on our Instagram page to see what this glitter looks like****