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Trolls Glitter Collection Of 12 (Mystery Box)

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Trolls Glitter Collection of 12. This is a MYSTERY BOX! I am listing this now as a mystery box, but I will eventually make these available as individual listings with photos. This is just something FUN for now for those that like MYSTERY BOXES!! Great for arts and crafts, nails, resin, diy projects, slime, shaker charms, resin, snow globe tumblers, badge reels, etc.
What You Get:
  1. I'll Serve You Troll Everyday Of The Year
  2. Cloud Guy
  3. And I See Your True Colors
  4. Smidge
  5. Prince Gristle
  6. Solid Burn Branch
  7. Branch
  8. Bridgit
  9. Trollstice
  10. Poppy
  11. I Don't Do High Fives
  12. Guy Diamond